In December 2015, I was very fortunate to be invited to the 5th ASEM  Labour and Employment Ministers’ Conference (ASEM LEMC5) by the Asia-Europe Foundation.

Government leaders from 51 Asian and European countries came together to explore the theme: “Towards Sustainable Social Development in Asia and Europe: A joint Vision for Decent Work and Social Protection.”

See more information about the conference here.

During my 4 days in Sofia, I had the chance to meet senior officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to have a casual chat with the Deputy Prime Minister, and even catch up with a school friend who I had not seen in almost a decade…

Although it was absolutely freezing, it was well worth the long journey from Tokyo, and I’d highly recommend visiting this beautiful country in the Bulkans (maybe in the summer though…)

Many thanks to Asia-Europe Foundation for this wonderful opportunity!