Robin Lewis Japan mymizu speaker

Robin Takashi Lewis | ルイスロビン敬 (日本語以下)

  • Co-founder – mymizu (Web, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Co-founder & Director – Social Innovation Japan (Web, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Consultant – World Bank, Climate Change Group, Tokyo DRM Hub
  • Board of Directors, Shibuya QWS Innovation Council (Web)
  • Creator – Explore Tohoku Project (Web, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Mentor & Judge, Japan Hult Prize (Web)

Hello! I’m half British and half Japanese, based in Tokyo. I’m the Co-founder of mymizu, an award-winning initiative reducing consumption of single-use plastic bottles by connecting people with 200,000 free water refill spots around the world.

I also run Social Innovation Japan – a platform for action focusing on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

I’m a professional speaker (TEDx, 100+ universities, conferences and events), facilitator (high-level UN meetings), trainer (certified Monitoring & Evaluation trainer), and media commentator (CNN, Guardian and others).

In 2017, I walked 600+km solo along Japan’s tsunami-affected coastline to document the region’s recovery 7 years since the 2011 Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster, and support the recovery of the tourism industry through this free online guide.

If you’re interested, you can read some of my stories and articles on my Medium page 🙂


プラスチックの消費削減を目的に開発された、日本初の無料給水プラットフォーム「mymizu」の共同創設者。また、一般社団法人Social Innovation Japan代表理事、そして世界銀行のコンサルタントとして従事。



Since 2011, I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to deliver workshops and seminars in Japan and all over the world. I’m also invited to speak regularly at schools, universities and conferences on themes such as sustainability, SDGs & social innovation.

Examples of speaking engagements:

Feel free to get in touch with any requests or questions

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