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Robin Takashi Lewis |
ルイスロビン敬 (日本語以下)

Hi! I’m a social entrepreneur based in Japan.

I’m the Co-founder of mymizu – an initiative to reduce consumption of single-use plastics, and also Co-founder of Social Innovation Japan – a platform for social good focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For over 10 years, I’ve worked with social enterprises, NGOs and inter-governmental organisations – including consultant roles at the World Bank and UNDP – and have managed humanitarian operations in countries such as Haiti, Nepal, Vanuatu and Mozambique.

In 2017, I took on a sponsored expedition to walk 600+kms along Japan’s coastline to document the transition since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis, and made a free online guide to help others make the journey!

I’m a Board Member of Shibuya QWS, a Board Member of Youth4Nature, and graduated with a M.A. in International Business from the University of Edinburgh. Recently, I was selected by M.I.T. Technology Review in its first-ever “Top Innovators Under 35 Japan” awards!

In case you want to read about some of my work and interest, here’s my Medium page 🙂


プラスチックの消費削減をミッションにした、日本初の無料給水プラットフォーム「mymizu」の共同創設者。また、一般社団法人Social Innovation Japan代表理事。

世界銀行(気候変動グループ)やUNDP (国連開発計画)のコンサルタントとしての経験を含め、これまでに20ヶ国以上における国際機関、社会的企業、NGOで活動した経験を持つ。ハイチ、ネパール、バヌアツ、モザンビークなどの国々では人道支援活動を管理し、持続可能な開発に関連する多数の国際事業にも携わった。

2017年には東日本大震災からの復興を記録するため東北の海岸沿600km以上の距離を自身で歩き「Explore Tohoku」プロジェクトを起ち上げた。

渋谷QWSイノベーション協議会理事。Youth4Nature理事。TEDx スピーカー。MITテクノロジーレビュー主催のアワード「Innovators Under 35 Japan 2020」において、未来を創る35歳未満のイノベーターの1人に選出された。

ルイスロビン敬 mymizu MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 (1)


Since 2011, I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to deliver workshops and seminars in Japan and all over the world. I’m also invited to speak regularly at schools, universities and conferences on themes such as sustainability, SDGs & social innovation.

Examples of speaking engagements:

Feel free to get in touch
with any requests, questions, or just to say hi.


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